Car Recovery Orpington

Do you have an emergency and in urgent need of a car recovery service? Are you unable to start your car? Suspect that your battery is flat? Or have you been involved in a Road Traffic Incident? Do you live or is your car in the Orpington area? Then look no further than DGE Recovery. DGE Recovery is a reliable, reasonable, professional and highly skilled car recovery service which covers the area of Orpington.

When it comes to car recovery services we are second to none. When it comes to emergences and urgent calls then we aim to be with the affected vehicle and person(s) within 60minutes of the call. We really are that efficient! We will arrive with one of our fleet of recovery vehicles and we will either fix your car at the side of the road or we will transport your car to a location of your choosing. Wherever possible we will have you back on the road as soon as possible.

What is more is that our staff are competent at dealing with accident recovery which covers both minor and major incidents. Our team remains professional at all times but understand the stress and trauma experience in accidents so they are supportive and friendly with our Orpington clients.