Our recovery service is very comprehensive, offering a wide range of services across Croydon, Surrey and London. If you breakdown and need urgent assistance we can be with you within an hour of your call. Our friendly, professional team are not only able to help with your vehicle but they are also experienced enough to put you at ease in what can often be frustrating and difficult circumstances.

Our service covers all kinds of motor vehicles including vans, minibuses, cars, motorcycles and more. Where possible we will aim to fix your vehicle at the roadside so you can get back on with life with the minimal hassle. Where this cannot take place, we can offer our rescue service which involves taking your vehicle and passengers to a location of your choosing or taking your car to our garage where we can carry out the necessary repairs. If your vehicle is completely beyond repair, we can also dispose of it on your behalf.

Please see below for more information about our extensive recovery services. If, however, you cannot find the recovery service you need please do not hesitate to contact us as we will almost certainly be able to help you.

Breakdown Recovery

When it comes to breakdown recovery we are second to none. We respond to emergency calls for breakdown recovery assistance within an hour of the phone call. Our staff understand the frustration and worry which breakdowns can cause and they are helpful, friendly and supportive of our customers as well as fantastic at their work.

Our mechanics will either be able to reduce and fix the problem at the roadside or they will transport your vehicle back to our garage to carry out work to it. Or, if you would prefer, we can transport your vehicle, be that motorcycle, car, van, minibus or other, to your chosen destination. We are usually able to transport passengers and the driver of the car to the same destination.

Accident Recovery

Our staff are well versed in dealing with accident recovery, both minor and major, and remain professional at all times, whatever the situation. That said, they also understand the stress and trauma accidents can cause so they are friendly, supportive and encouraging for all customers who are faced with this difficult situation.

We can come to collect your car if it is deemed unroadworthy and transport it back to our site ready for your insurance company to collect it. This saves you the hassle of finding a place to store your car and deal with that part of the insurance process.

Even if the police have already taken the car, we can collect your car from their compound. We have industry insurance which covers this and we can then arrange collection with your insurers.

Commercial Recovery

At DGE Recovery we have both medium and large recovery vehicles which are able to recover and transport large commercial vehicles for customers. Nothing is too big for us here at DGE. So whether you need a replacement battery, a jump start or your van transported to our, or another, garage we can help!

We have been working with commercial clients for a number of years and so we understand that the longer your vehicle is off the road, the more hassle it causes with clients and loss to your business. We work swiftly, efficiently but with great expertise so you are back on the road in no time.

Motorcycle Recovery

If you have had an accident or experienced a breakdown on your motorcycle then DGE Recovery can help you!

Our vehicles are able to transport your motorcycle to a destination of your choice, or to our garage where we can carry out work to your bike to make it safe for use once more.

We also offer a transportation service for all motorcyclists who just want their bikes moved from one place to another. Please visit our Services page for more information. Our workers all carry the relevant insurances and our trucks have specialist equipment which secures your motorcycle safely throughout its journey.

Minibus Recovery

We are able to deal with all vehicles here at DGE Recovery and minibuses are no exception. Whether you have experienced an accident or a breakdown then we can help! Our staff can assess your vehicle to decide whether it can be fixed at the roadside or we will transport your minibus to a destination of your choice or back to our garage where we will carry out work to your vehicle.

Our trucks are specially designed and have modern features so you can rest assured your minibus will be well-secured during the time we are transporting it on your behalf.

Car Recovery

We can recover all cars, whether you need an abandoned car removed or your car has broken down at home or while travelling. We know how difficult it is to be without your vehicle so we respond to calls promptly and with professionalism.

Van Recovery

At DGE Recovery we have both medium and large recovery vehicles which are able to recover and transport larger vehicles for customers. Nothing is too big for us here at DGE. Call us today to find out more about this service or to arrange one of our experienced staff to recover your van for you.

Break down assistance

Have you experienced a vehicle break down? Do you need assistance with your vehicle? Don’t know why your vehicle isn’t working? Then call DGE Recovery today. We carry out roadside breakdown assistance for all clients with all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles to commercial vans.

We will come to your aid and carry out works to your vehicle so that you can be on your way again in as little time as possible. Should your car have a fault which cannot be fixed at the roadside then we will transport it to your destination or return it to our garage to complete the works on it.

Flat batteries replaced and fitted

This issue occurs more regularly than you may think! Whether it is because there is a fault with the battery or a connection or the battery is just old and needs replacing, we can help! We offer this services to all clients with all kinds of vehicle. Our mechanics will have your battery replaced and fitted in no time. We can also offer this service at the roadside.

Tyres changed

If you experience a flat, a blow out, or your tread is simply just too worn, then we can replace your tyre(s). We change tyres on all types of vehicle and we are well equipped to do so, with the correct tools and a uniform which is used to getting dirty! So if you are on your way to an important meeting in a smart suit and don’t fancy getting it ruined, you don’t have the tools to change your tyres, or you don’t know how to; we are here to help you get back on the road again.

Non-starting vehicles from home or work

We’ve all been there – in a rush to get to work you jump in your car and turn the key only to find the engine ticks over but doesn’t engage. You try again and get the same response and then do so again with more fervour before that sinking feeling comes.

But don’t let that ruin your day! DGE Recovery can get you on the road quickly and efficiently with our prompt response to your call and our specialist team. We turn up when we say we will, with a range of high quality tools and equipment to fix your vehicle.

Vehicles rescued & delivered

If your vehicle is not roadworthy, has been involved in an accident or has been stolen and recovered by police, we can transport it back to your home or take it to our garage for diagnostics or work shop for body repairs. Our mechanics have years of experience and have worked with all kinds of makes and models of all sorts of vehicles. They work with incredible skill and are very efficient without skimping on quality or lacking in thoroughness.

What is more is that we can also dispose of cars which are no longer roadworthy. For more information about these services please contact us and our friendly team will be ready to help.