Car Recovery Kingston

Before launching our car recovery service, DGE Recovery, we had established a very prominent and well respected car disposal company. This business is still going strong and has afforded us fantastic experience when it comes to the motor industry. We are well connected in terms of our relationship with other parts of the motor trade and we are very skilled when it comes to working with cars. We believe this background experience stands us in good stead when it comes to the knowledge needed when fixing cars which will not start or which have developed a fault or even those which have been in road traffic collisions.

With this knowledge and experience, we have a wide and deep understanding which enriches the quality of our recovery services. We treat each car we deal with when we complete car recoveries with the utmost care and attention and we look after our Kingston customer’s cars as if they are our own.

And underpinning all this experience, knowledge and care are the very skilled workers who are employed by us. We are only as good as our least confident member of staff so we work very hard training our mechanics and drivers. This is why we are confident in saying we are one of Kingston’s best car recovery firms.